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About DrX

Pre-lockdown we saw a dramatic decrease in customers at our favourite restaurant and asked the regulars we know why we weren’t seeing them. Their response was very similar and comes down to "We don’t want waiters or grillers to infect us.” or "How do we know the Health and Safety standards are up to date?”

We have developed an easy way to input the staff's vitals for the owner of the restaurant on our Enterprise platform to measure and control the management of his staff's wellbeing through this pandemic. The owner wanted a way to notify the public that he is doing everything he can to ensure a healthy and safe place for his customers.

The plug-in made available to him is free of charge and free to any Small / Medium Enterprise (SME's) to help boost public interest in assuring them the restaurant is doing hourly (depending on how many updates you do), measurements (body temperature of staff, wellbeing rating out of 5 and any symptoms experienced) to ensure any staff member presenting any symptoms gets sent home ASAP or not allowed to enter the premises. This not only provides security to the employer and his staff but also peace of mind to the customer.

We provide you with an easy-to-register service free of charge (click here to register) to keep the public informed of your commitment to public health and safety. You will be added to our exclusive map to help clients find safe places to order from.

All vitals currently captured on paper will be captured on a web browser, either on a mobile phone or computer. A track record will be accessible at any time, should the question arise. You will have an easy-to-access dashboard to see the status of your employees and to view and assess the safety of your organisation.

All details captured of the employees are ring-fenced and will be stored securely on our cloud servers, hosted in Microsoft Azure JHB. No organisation or other user will be able to see your staff details, unless they are part of your organisation.

We hope to lessen the impact of the financial loss the pandemic is bringing unto all the businesses around us. Our main goal is to show the concerned citizens a visual map of relevant providers, thus making sure they are not spreading the virus and remaining mindful of the consequences of safe practice during this strange time we find ourselves in.

We will also be adding in a next update, daily checklists and other forms required by the government so that you have one place to do it all.